[How to make almond and blueberry cookies]_Homemade methods of almond and blueberry cookies_How to make almond and blueberry cookies_How to make almond and blueberry cookies

The method of almond and blueberry cookies is mainly to grasp the taste. Pay attention to preparing the seasonings needed. Cooking wine, chicken essence, and soy sauce must be prepared. Pay attention to distinguish the taste. It is best to add the seasoning when the food is out of the pot.With the right amount of seasoning, you can enjoy it on the plate.

1. Preparation materials: egg whites and yolks are separated, starch and granulated sugar are weighed together and placed in the room to soften, almond flakes are crushed, low powder is sieved and set aside. 2, the softened flour is dispensed with granulated sugar to make the volume fluffy and enlarged, The color can be white 3, add the egg yolk to the flour, add three times, once added, the egg yolk liquid and the hair mixture should be fully mixed before adding the next 4, the mixed hair paste state 5,Add the sieved low powder to the paste 6 and mix with a rubber spatula to a dry powder-free state 7. Cover the baking sheet with greased paper, turn on the oven, and heat at 185 ° C for 8 minutes. Round the small pieces of the mixed dough, About 8 grams each, you can make 22 9s, dip the kneaded balls first with protein, then with almond flakes 10, then put them in the baking tray and press a small hole with your fingers.Middle-upper layer, roast for 10 minutes 11, put the blueberries into the parquet bag for 12 or 0 minutes, remove the baking tray, squeeze the blueberry sauce in the small pit, continue to roast for about 5 minutes, and bake until the surface is golden. 13, removeAfter air-drying, the sealed small box can be 14, just poured out开Eat blueberry almond cookie approach is very simple, delicious and healthy, you deserve affordable, hurry up now.